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Jaune realizes that she is out of his league, but brightens up once more when Pyrrha exclaims that Jaune would actually make a good leader.

He also mentions that he grew up with seven sisters.

Pyrrha eventually finds him, sarcastically asking Jaune if there is still room on "his" team. Pyrrha and Jaune continue into the forest when Jaune hears a gunshot and Pyrrha notes that the others have met the Grimm.

She pushes back a branch that flies back and hits Jaune in the face, cutting his cheek.

Pyrrha apologizes, but asks why he didn't use his Aura to protect himself.

Jaune doesn't understand what Aura is, but after Pyrrha explains it to him, he comes to the conclusion that it is like a force field. With his Aura activated, Jaune's cheek is healed in a flash.

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