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Users can either chat with a site administrator or email the team a picture in real-time of them holding a piece of paper with their username on it to prove their photo hasn’t been doctored.

Then their profile is given a stamp of authenticity. The best part about Beautiful People is that different types of people with different types of appearances and backgrounds can be accepted — it’s not all blonde-haired, blue-eyed models.

Greg admits that it’s a tough business model, but he’s seen that’s what people want.

“You can imagine having a shop on Rodeo Drive where you turn away 90% of people who knock on the door, but that’s the nature of the beast,” he said.

“If the online dating market was a nightclub, Beautiful People would be the VIP room,” Greg said. To get accepted onto the site permanently, singles sign up and put up a picture and some basic profile information.

Then, over a 48-hour period, they’re voted on by existing members of the opposite sex.

Beautiful is a dating website where potential new members are voted in my existing members of the opposite sex who judge them on their beauty.

If a person receives enough votes, they're allowed to join the site.

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While waiting for the verdict, potential members can get a feel for the site by browsing other profiles and chatting with these exclusive members via email, IM, video and voice chat, and discussion boards and groups.

“There are all of these subtle cultural differences in how people perceive beauty, which is why if you’re being voted on by your countrymen, those votes count so much more,” Greg said.

Whether it’s a double-take or jaw-drop, people tend to have knee-jerk reactions when they see a beautiful person, and Beautiful People doesn’t try to sugarcoat that fact.

Another thing singles don’t have to worry about on Beautiful People is members not looking the same in real life as they do online.

Whether someone has a few more gray hairs or doesn’t exactly look like Leonardo Di Caprio like they let on, Beautiful People has a profile verification process to combat misrepresentation.

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