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I noticed an uptick in visitors finding my site through search keywords like "Born This Way Vertigo" and similar, which seemed odd as I could see no reason the anonymous masses would take particular interest in what I had to say about this particular song.

It clicked as I viewed the video a second time a few days later, when instantly I knew why the music was so familiar and of what these anonymous searchers were actually in search: the ominous tremolo from a hoard of cellos was borrowed from the prelude to Bernard Hermann's iconic score for Hitchcock's masterpiece, Vertigo. Good old Gaga, always pulls through just when I'm about to lose all hope.

True, postmodernist theory and philosophy hasn't exactly been applied to pop music in any definitive sense (yet...For that I am truly grateful.) Let's return for a moment to the inspiration behind this blog's title, since it relates to one of these bones thrown by Gaga via the "Born This Way" video (which you can watch above if you need a refresher).I relayed the full story in a pair of posts (here and here) during my first month writing this blog, but to summarize, I wanted to select a title from the lyrics of one of the handful of artists most important to me, initially hoping to use something specifically referring to music.I can honestly say I was so tickled by Gaga's little nod to the post-adolescent set (which Ke$ha also used to great effect with her recent James van der Beek-starring video for "Blow") that I didn't notice any of the plethora of homages to Guess Who that pervade the video until indignant bloggers bellowed them into my consciousness (I did catch the Michael Jackson gloves at the end, but I was far more entranced by the trippy digital effect than anything).As for the video, there are a number of bits I love, and there are a few things I dislike to some degree or another; then there are elements I simply find amusing or interesting.

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