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Learn listening, give and take, and stretch your character skills in a made up world. How many times have you said, “I knew the lines perfectly in the car/shower”?How many times have you said, “I get so nervous in the waiting/audition room”?We will play with sound, get intimately familiar with how we produce and shape sound, and learn the basics of several staple accents that commonly come up in auditions. This class is so much more than Movement but it is actually the Mind, Voice, and Body Integration that is the goal of this class that will cover a variety of techniques and processes including Linklater-based vocal production and movement technique drawn from the work of Michael Chekhov, Michael Lugering, and Rudolf Laban. We will cover: How to read a Call Sheet, Day Out Of Days, Fittings, Contracts, NDAs, Agent Commissions, Billing, Payment, Who’s Who on Set, Meals & Crafty, Honeywagons & Trailers, Hair & Make Up, getting wired for Sound, and so much more. This class qualifies as a pre-requisite to accents on-going.

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And when the actor has an experience, the audience has an experience. Learn the skills you need to create authentic accents based in the United Kingdom. Co-Founder/Co-Owner Jason Mac Donald for an informative and valuable class on how to navigate the world of set.

How many times have you just sort of said your lines with meaning & not made informed, confident & detailed choices? Film & TV actors must have this skill and be able to trust their instincts and execute quickly when time is of the essence.

All that will change in our new class, THE BREAKDOWN. You’ll get a new script each week as you arrive to class.

Everything from commercial audition workshops, casting director Q&A’s, to actor branding.

Workshops are constantly being updated so be sure to join our mailing list.

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