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She loves junk food, esp sweets and biscuits and chocolates esp. =P); her special ability is telepathy which she can read minds of others (and communicate without medium if needed... Forte Stollen Seiyuu: Mayumi Yamaguchi Age : 22 Weight: 55kg Height: 175cm, 180cm with the hat Her name and appearance give me the impression of an elite robber =) Actually she is a confident leader of the Angel-tai which she only take the lead when things mess up. Takes control of the White Moon and the technologies kept inside. Chapter 3 - The Angelfighters: ------------------------------ People like to call them "Angel Frames" but I like to call them fighters instead =) They are numbered as GA-001 to GA-005 with the Angel's name written somewhere on the fighter as said by Milfeulle in the story. "Sitting Duck") 5 Angelfighters 1 "Barmell" crusier 2 "Spard" destroyers They have: 7 "Spard" destroyers 4 "Barmell" cruisers 1 "Zarf" battleship Plan: all Angels go through left and centre pass to kill off targets in the way.She is really the "big sister" of the team, figuring out strategies when others are asleep, and sense for danger in the surroundings when others are going wild. The Angel-tai is the guard force of the White Moon. Noah Pretty face of the devil Black Moon presented as a 10-year-old girl. Takes control of a large spacefleet which comes to send Eilsor and Shiva to hell. They are powered by Chrono String Engines (several big ones for Eilsor =P) They generally have a central compartment which attached the main weapon, and 2 compartments (1 on each side) housing engines, shields, missles, special weapons etc. Protect Prince Shiva, lead the Angel-tai to win the war. My advice: Send Milfeulle through the left pass, Ranpha Vanilla/Mint through centre pass, and Forte Mint/Vanilla to assist your allies. After Milfeulle and Ranpha finish with theirs send Ranpha to help the others while Milfeulle go and finish Zarf, if you are lucky/skillful you can kill them all in 1 shot.Galaxy Angel Z is definitely a case of "more of the same" in terms of its content.There's no new main plot, main characters, or other major changes to the formula (although there is less emphasis on Lost Technology than last season).Her pair of white "ears" and her being short are things that make her cute and liked by other male fans! If you do as told, I will kindly leave you alive." You teased him then and he gets real angry.

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They're set to protect Shiva, prince of the Transbaal Empire, after the disgraced former heir, Eonia, staged a coup d'etat.

(she must have lots of herbal tea to keep ache out the way =P) 3. This time the enemy is manned and speaks Zarf, stressing "the real Transbaal imperial forces".

Mint Blancmanche Seiyuu: Miyuki Sawashiro Age : 16 Weight: 32kg Height: 123cm She is a smart, well-mannered and knowledgable lady, daughter of the owner of Blancmanche's Galaxy Enterprises. The Angels were actually peeping outside the door trying to hear what you say! Zarf: "The old system has fallen, surrender to me and hand in Elisor and the Angel-Tai.

She doesn't speak much, if at all, and have virtually no facial expressions, she just keeps on working and giving helping hands to others, in the hanger, in the infirmary, in the beach-zoo... A 21-year-old Colonel of the Border Patrol with little experience in battle, is called to take command of the Angel-tai(ie. Kela 29-year-old doctor-in-charge of the infirmary. It also houses the one which gives "Kujira Reports", tells you how much the Angels like you. Luft Weizen 50-year-old general which took command of Eilsor before you do. The launchers are multi-directional while others are frontal only. This will show up every now and then, in "prepared" battles, ie. However the ship was heavily damaged that she needs further repair. Milfeulle responded immediately and tell you to call her "Milfie" instead.

specialised in rituals and medicine, she has special healing power with her nanomachine, which is kept as pets (all named nanomachine =P) when not in use. She will carry out all your orders during battles but she would work on her own between battles, and gives you angry faces at times. the 5 pretty girls) and to take control of Eilsor, the imperial spaceship, to counter-attack and bring "Prince" Shiva back to throne. Rester Cooldaras 22-year-old, your assistant in command. Co Co (as Radar operator) Also a nice 17-year-old girl working together with Almo, who reports on reconassiance findings and takes care of interstellar travel operations (which is called "Chrono drive") with Almo. Creta 24-year-old Chief Engineer of the Hanger and Angelfighters. While you enjoy life with all the girls he coordinates the merge of the second and third spacefleets for the counter attack. Shiva 10-year-old "Prince" Shiva (why adding quotation marks? A common problem with fast fighters (GA001, GA002, GA005), they can get very close to the opponent and only use the weak beam gun, wasting time and get hit by others. not surprised attacks or battles without all 5 Angels. The others also would like you to call in their first names ie. Ranpha and Forte will call you "Tackto", Mint, Vanilla and Milfie will call you "Tackto-san".

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