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The D810 beats it in resolution, so, if you are doing heavy cropping, it may give you an advantage. 2) I haven't used the new Nikon lens, so I cant pick a winner here, but, forgive me for sounding like a commercial, we do offer a 30-day return policy on gear that will let you test both and decide for yourself. On the D800E I had a 90% success rate when shooting still subjects at relatively long shutter speeds, e.i., 500mm @1/125s and slower. My success rate wasn't as good, perhaps 70%, but I was shooting animate subjects.And since I needed fast shutter speeds, I cranked up the ISO and fixed incidental noise issues in ACR.Hey Dennis, I wish I could tell you which one is best, but I have only used the Sigma! Hopefully someone will come out with a definitive head-to-head test. v=lgur Gido SJs or "Zoom Telephoto Field Review Tamron 150-600 vs Sigma Sport 150-600 vs Canon 100-400 & more HD" by Photo Rec Toby @ https:// I am sure someone will be putting these lenses through their paces very soon. Sigma 150-600 direct comparisons already on the web.Having said that, I enjoyed the Sigma and am planning on taking it out for a spin again this week! I am a Nikon purest at heart and have been reluctant to stray from the Nikkor lenses.It took me 9 months to get my 150-600 sport version lens. My wallet, on the other hand, dictated something different!After reading everything I could find about this lens, I decided to order it and wait it out.Sharpness handheld on all three bodies was good enough.Add a mono or tripod and it just gets even better (I prefer a tripod with a Gimball head). I just purchased the docking station and customized the lens even further.

(Nothing worse than getting a new lens and having the weather kill your plans to play.) Thanks for a great review. Thanks for reading and let us know if you get one and how you like it!If you're the type that wants more tangible information rather than just reviews etc, I would recommend renting these lenses most of which are able to be rented from various online rental agencies.A weekend rental of them could save you alot of money in the long run after you've put them through your own test and means of use. You might want to watch this utube video comparing the "Canon 100-400 II vs Sigma 150-600 Sport & Tamron 150-600, Canon 400 f5.6" by Tony Northrup @ https:// Hey Bernard, I agree, a head-to-head shoot out would be great, but, unfortunately, we cannot really do that here at B&H.Hello Philip, Unfortunately, it doesn't look like a Pentax K-mount has been scheduled for this lens yet. but in one review the Reviewer made the comment that the total difference between the lenses on image quality could be rectified by taking a step or two... litterally, and I have shot jets flying over at about 1000 feet and gotten images so clear I can see the sun reflections off the visors of the pilots.I cannot find anything indicating one is coming, but Sigma might surprise you. that encouraged me, and in my personal tests The only image quality differences I noticed were the sigma getting about 30% closer to the image. My only frustration is it's really got a narrow lightrange.enything approaching Dusk pretty much requires a tripod. I am a former US Navy and Coast Guard aviator and have a lot of aviation photos in my Lightroom catalog. There are presently four lenses on the market that I am aware of in this range and all are over 00.

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