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Mr Ferris, in his investigations, discovered many serious matters concerning Mr Lynn, primarily that he used some €3 million of company money for his own personal expenses, including the box at Wembley, counsel said.Mr Fitzpatrick also said there was no question of impropriety on the part of Canada Life and Aviva who were prepared to return the money provided it was by court order.If done right, this can potentially save most of the property of someone going through bankruptcy.Property that is exempt can generally be called the "necessities of modern life." This generally includes the sort of items that are necessary for living and working.People who file for bankruptcy seek protection from their creditors for the debts they have incurred. When a person files for bankruptcy protection, he or she can expect to have to turn over a sizeable portion of their property to a so-called bankruptcy estate. Constitution gives this power to the federal government, and the federal government has established U. Bankruptcy Courts to handle bankruptcy proceedings across the country.Disgraced Irish solicitor Michael Lynn used about €3 million belonging to his Kendar Holdings foreign property company to fund his personal lifestyle, the High Court has heard.The expenditure included £25,000 on a private box at the redeveloped Wembley Stadium in London and €301,000 in a pension fund for his retirement.

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Martin Ferris, the liquidator of Kendar Holdings, who has spent several years trying to find out where the money went, was granted an order by the High Court that Canada Life and Aviva pay the surrender value of those pension funds to the liquidator in order to recover some money for creditors.How Exemption Works Bankruptcy law allows debtors to keep a certain amount of property after going through bankruptcy proceedings.This is called "exempt" property - it is exempt from the bankruptcy estate.After initial contact we will visit your property and take a look at a sampling of the items (guest rooms, common areas) that you will be replacing.We will then provide you with a written proposal within two days.

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