Number 14 carbon 14 dating denotes amount

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The most common one that is studied is the Feudal system where little room for accession is made, but there was another system tin existence in India....

[tags: feudal system, religion, hinduism] - Caste system is declining, it is just confined to old aged illiterate people, it has nothing to do with religion, it is just a social problem, most of the people are against the caste system in the society, this system is going to be wiped out within ten years, say in 2020, there will be no or negligible caste related discrimination in the society.

Each caste has set customs, traditional practices and rituals but also have it’s own informal procedures and rules as applicable....

As apprentices of life, one has studied the periods in history where these systems of social classes lie.[tags: Discrimination, Religion, Discussion] - Varna system or Vedic caste system which later deteriorated into the modern caste system due to colonialism and misinterpretation, was natural and necessary for the proper functioning of the society.In this article we see how it is very much different from the modern caste system and how it is very natural and we will also see some evidences from the scriptures which supports this.[tags: Religion, Culture, Society] - In every civilization there exists a hierarchy that is accepted by the people that are a part of it.This hierarchy, which is present in all societies, is called a class system and usually includes an upper class, a middle class, and a lower class.

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