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Psoriasis can also be associated with an increased risk of harmful use of alcohol and with diabetes and obesity. Both inherited and environmental factors play a role in the development of psoriasis.Some people are more likely to develop psoriasis than others, particularly if someone in their family has psoriasis. The outer layer of skin (the epidermis) contains skin cells which are continuously being replaced.The recommendations in this guidance represent the view of NICE, arrived at after careful consideration of the evidence available.When exercising their judgement, health professionals are expected to take this guidance fully into account, alongside the individual needs, preferences and values of their patients.We found nothing new that affects the recommendations in this guidance.Next review: This guidance will be reviewed if there is new evidence that is likely to change the recommendations.Psoriasis, particularly moderate to severe psoriasis, is associated with an increased risk of anxiety and depression.

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This leaflet has been written to provide you with an overview of psoriasis.At the start of the campaign, we asked people with psoriasis to write a postcard to their psoriasis, expressing exactly what psoriasis meant to them and how it made them feel.Here are just a few of the postcards that we received.The application of the recommendations in this guidance is at the discretion of health professionals and their individual patients and do not override the responsibility of healthcare professionals to make decisions appropriate to the circumstances of the individual patient, in consultation with the patient and/or their carer or guardian.Commissioners and/or providers have a responsibility to provide the funding required to enable the guidance to be applied when individual health professionals and their patients wish to use it, in accordance with the NHS Constitution.

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