School festival dating sim

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At least that was what Mayuzumi believed.‘Yep, let’s just reject him. Seiji looked at the manga author doubtfully."If that’s what Peach-sensei truly believes, then I’ll accept it.

If we don’t continue this tomorrow, I can stay at home, and he can enjoy whatever he likes. But, Sensei, you’re really bad at lying." His next words were spoken in the gentlest tone he could manage: "There’s far too much evidence; even an elementary school student wouldn’t be fooled by you.

But anything he said at this moment would sound moving to Kaede right now as her eyes lit up! Mayuzumi laid there for several moments as she dealt with complex emotions within herself.

Then, she opened her eyes again and slowly sat up."Sensei?

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But he managed to steady himself in the next moment.

), Please let us know so we can fix it as soon as possible.

And when you start a conversation or debate about a certain topic with other people, please do not offend them just because you don't like their opinions.

Sensei, if you’re only rejecting me because you don’t want to trouble me, I won’t accept this kind of reason at all."And even if I accept, I doubt the confectionery store owner would accept.

What I agreed on with her was that she would assist with my class’s project and that I would have a date together with Sensei during the school festival."If Sensei can’t stand me, or if you’re honestly too tired, then that’s fine.

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