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” Here are our favorites: The Top 25 Pick Up Lines (these are too AWESOME for the public): Want the real winners? This one uttered by Clark Gable in ‘Red Dust’ in 1932. “If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber.” 29.

Or want to be prepared for the “pick up line ninjas”? Turn to the girl sitting next to you at the bar and say…

There are funny pickup lines and sincere pickup lines, romantic pick up lines and lame pick up lines. Some sexy pick-up line inspiration: 63.”When I was born I had 2 choices: One was to have perfect memory and the other was to have a huge penis.

There are even pickup lines that don’t sound like pickup lines at all! We’ve gathered the top 55 funny and romantic (and even sexy! Unfortunately I can’t remember which one I chose.” 64.

With the 2014 launch of Once a Month Cooking and 2015’s Live Well on Less, thanks to Penguin Random House, Jody shows no signs of slowing down.

The master of true native content, Jody lives and experiences first hand every word of advertorial she pens.

And if the first one doesn’t work, ask her what type of pick up lines generally work for her. It’s only meant to break the ice and get you talking. The Top 25 Pick Up Lines (these are too AWESOME for the public): Want the real winners?

There's still a lot more we can expect from Barq as they go international in 2017, but first, Jess took the time to talk to Hot Press about her favourites of 2016.

Read More With only a day to go until Longitude kicks off in the stunning Marley Park, we're pulling the best reviews, interviews and galleries from our archives to get you excited for a jam packed weekend in Rathfarnham.

Jody Allen Founder/Chief Content Editor Jody is the founder and essence of Stay at Home Mum.

An insatiable appetite for reading from a very young age had Jody harbouring dreams of being a published author since primary school.

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