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There was a stair built into the terrain, enabling me to descend into a pool where I could feel the full force of the 25-foot waterfall cascade down upon me.

I left and followed the river through a full-blown canyon, from which I eventually bouldered down to an even larger fall with a deep pool that was perfect for swimming.

One Sunday each month, half our cash offering is donated to an organization designated by the Board of Trustees.

Our shared offering for the month of December, 2017 is the Baton Rouge Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that solicits, procures, inventories and warehouses donated food and other products.

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All around was the choke of hurry and merchandising, and red lights and strip malls extended far into the horizon.

The trail split north and I continued west along the creek into unmarked territory.

Even that simple distinction was enough to get my blood flowing a little faster.

This time I recognized a fallen tree, and once I crested a hill I spotted the riverbed.

I ran and slid down to the bottom and was back on the trail.

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