Traditions that need updating dating community sit italian

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Don’t ditch the wine entirely, but why not add a signature cocktail to the festivities?Raise a glass (or two) of vodka; it’s the perfect adult beverage to pair with fried Hanukkah foods.Lighting one candle for each night on a single menorah is one way to go; lighting one candle for each night on multiple menorahs kicks things up a bit.Give each person in the family his or her own menorah to light.

A well-known speaker at national conferences, Michele inspires event planners, caterers and hospitality professionals to blend Jewish customs with modern trends.Gather all the single gals and guys and make them struggle to catch a piece of wedding paraphernalia in order to guarantee their future marital bliss; how romantic. " I love the way brides are updating this old tradition with new twists like wearing bright blue, sexy heels or having their bridesmaids write messages on the soles of the shoes in blue ink.As for borrowed, jewelry is always the obvious answer.One way to update this tradition that dates back decades is to have a private cake cutting with just you and the groom.Keeping it between the two of you is not the norm, but pretty much the entire day is shared with family and friends and it could be a sweet way to get some one-on-one time.

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